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About Our Magnets


Welcome to Mammoth Magnets, your premier source for robust magnetic solutions designed to revolutionize organization and convenience in the most unexpected areas of your day.  Mammoth Magnets specializes in crafting high-quality, heavy duty magnetic products tailored for lifestyle, hobbies and practical applications.

From covert ways to hide keys, cash and GPS trackers to transforming the way you record your personal bests at your craft, Mammoth Magnets' diverse range of magnetic organizers and decor pieces, seamlessly blending functionality with style. From magnetic key holders to magnetic road assistance, our products bring order and posterity to your every day living.

Mammoth Magnets is dedicated to providing innovative, durable, and practical magnetic solutions that simplify and add value to your daily life. Elevate your personal fitness game, manage your vehicle fleet and protect your home with Mammoth Magnets, where the strength of magnets meets unparalleled functionality.

We thank you for choosing MAMMOTH MAGNETS.

- Greg Parker

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