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About Our Magnets



Welcome to Mammoth Magnets, your premier source for robust magnetic solutions designed to revolutionize organization and convenience in every facet of your life. Mammoth Magnets specializes in crafting high-quality magnetic products tailored for home, office, pets, auto, and workshop applications.

Transform your home with Mammoth Magnets' diverse range of magnetic organizers and decor pieces, seamlessly blending functionality with style. From magnetic key holders to spice racks, our products bring order to your living spaces.

In the office, our magnetic whiteboards, document holders, and cable organizers offer practical solutions to enhance productivity and maintain an orderly workspace. Experience the benefits of a clutter-free desk with Mammoth Magnets' innovative office accessories.

Even your pets can enjoy the benefits of Mammoth Magnets with our pet-friendly magnetic accessories, including secure magnetic-based feeding bowls for mess-free mealtime.

On the road, Mammoth Magnets has your automotive needs covered with magnetic phone mounts, tool organizers, and other innovative solutions, ensuring a safer and more organized driving experience.

For workshop enthusiasts, explore Mammoth Magnets' range of magnetic tool holders, parts trays, and organization systems. Keep your tools within easy reach and enjoy a seamless, organized workspace for your projects.

Mammoth Magnets is dedicated to providing innovative, durable, and practical magnetic solutions that simplify your daily life. Elevate your organization game with Mammoth Magnets, where the strength of magnets meets unparalleled functionality.

We thank you for choosing MAMMOTH MAGNETS.

- Greg Parker

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