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The Benefits of LED Roadside Emergency Flares

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

For decades, traditional chemical road flares have been the go-to emergency signaling device for motorists with broken down vehicles. However, LED flares are now emerging as a safer and more effective alternative. Here are some of the key benefits of LED flares over traditional chemical flares:

Longer Burn Time - Traditional chemical flares only last around 15 minutes before burning out. LED flares, on the other hand, can provide hours of continuous light from a single set of batteries. This gives stranded motorists more time to signal for help before needing to replace the flares.

No Burn Risk-Chemical Road Flares produce an open flame that can burn skin if not handled properly. LED flares eliminate this burn risk as they do not use any open flames, sparks, or heat. This makes them safer to use in emergencies where seconds count.

Brighter Light - LED flare lights are much brighter than chemical flares, some emitting up to 100,000 candlepower. This enhanced brightness improves visibility and helps alert approaching vehicles from farther away. The light also does not diminish over time like a chemical flare.

Environmentally Friendly- Chemical Road flares release toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the air when burned. LED flares are reuseable, produce no emissions, and do not contaminate the environment when disposed of. This makes them an eco-friendlier signaling option.

Reliability - Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or wind can sometimes extinguish chemical flares prematurely. LED flares are fully sealed units unaffected by external conditions, so they provide a consistent warning light regardless of the weather.

Ease of Use - LED flares are as easy to activate as pressing a button compared to struggling with waterproof matches or igniters in stressful emergency situations. They also do not risk being blown over or thrown by gusts of wind like chemical flares.

In summary, LED roadside emergency flares address many of the shortcomings of traditional chemical flares. Their enhanced safety, reliability and environmental friendliness make them a worthwhile investment for all drivers to keep in their vehicles. Consider upgrading to LED if you want the most effective warning system possible in a roadside breakdown.

Greg Parker

Mammoth Magnets

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