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The Incredible Invention of Velcro

Updated: Mar 19

Have you ever wondered how Velcro works its magic? This simple yet ingenious fastening system was actually invented by accident in the mid-20th century by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral.

In 1948, de Mestral went for a walk in the Alps with his dog. After their hike, he noticed burdock seeds stuck all over their clothes and in their dog's fur. Intrigued, he examined the seeds under a microscope and saw that they had hundreds of tiny hooks that caught on any fabric they touched. This gave him the idea to create an artificial version of this sticking mechanism.

De Mestral spent the next 12 years experimenting with different materials to recreate the burdock's hooks and loops. Eventually, he settled on nylon and used heat treatment to shape the nylon into stiff hooks and pliable loops. In 1955, he patented his invention which he named "Velcro" - combining the French words "velour" meaning velvet and "crochet" meaning hook.

The early Velcro products were mainly used for fastening things like boots and jackets. But its versatile sticking power soon led to many other applications. Today, Velcro is used everywhere from shoes and clothing to spacecraft, medical supplies, and more. It's even found in things like notebooks, bags, and crafts.

Velcro's simple yet genius design has made it one of the most widely used inventions of all time. Over 60 years after its creation, this burdock-inspired fastener continues to solve attachment problems all around the world through its ability to stick anything together - and easily pull apart again too! De Mestral's curious observation of nature truly paid off in the incredible invention of Velcro.

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