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  • TRADEMARKED MAMMOTH BOX- MAMMOTH BOX uses the strongest NEODYMIUM rare earth materials in the commercial market and built with Industrial-Grade Automotive Thermoplastics, offering a Lifetime full replacement warranty on Mammoth Box products’ manufacturer defects.
  • STRONGEST PULL- MAMMOTH BOX Magnets have a 60 LB pull!!! Perfect for all undercarriage vehicle conditions, weatherproofed. And with a 60 LB pull force, the Mammoth Box can handle high rates of speed, hard and bouncy terrain and the roughest weather conditions
  • UPGRADE YOUR FLEET- Easiest way to add and protect electronic GPS trackers to efficiently monitor your fleet, provide safe stash to hide keys or credit cards to your fleet or a loved one’s vehicle.
  • KEEPS ELECTRONICS DRY (IPX7)- No worries at all if your MAMMOTH BOX goes overboard because the hard thermoplastics allows the MAMMOTH to float, a waterproof seal around the lip, keeping liquids out for 3 minutes at 3 feet depth. It’s no submarine, but an IPX7 rating generally states that the product can protect items inside from severe natural elements, or any sustained water exposure, submersion for longer than three minutes is not sustainable for this product.
  • KEEPS YOUR STUFF HIDDEN AND SAFE- Key fobs, boat keys, GPS devices, medicines, electronics, cash, ammunition, smoking gear and much more.
  • EGG SHELL FOAM INSERTS MAMMOTH BRAND TITER LOCK CLIPS- For even more protection, we’ve added a comfy bed for your items inside the MAMMOTH BOX and four Mammoth Brand Titer Lock Clips to snap lock and surround the perimeter.
  • THE MAMMOTH PROTECTS- Three colors for a stealth, covert hide away under a vehicle chassis, outside of your home or office, behind a gun safe or file cabinet, desk, boat house, beach house, ANYWHERE YOU WANT.
  • Internal dimensions in inches: ”5.25"(L) x 3.25”(W) x 1.65" (H) Internal dimensions in centimeters: 13.3cm (L) x 8.255cm (W) x 4.2cm (H)


SKU: WX_B3632A2A
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