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MAMMOTH MAGNET BRAND MAGNETIC (3) PACK LED ROAD FLARES (3 PACK) are a must-have for any vehicle emergency situation. They are made of durable ABS plastic and feature powerful built-in magnets that allow them to attach to any metal surface, making them an incredibly useful and practical tool. The LED lights are bright and easily visible from up to a mile away, and the waterproof design ensures they are safe to use in any weather conditions. This product is a great addition to any safety kit, and is sure to help you out in any emergency.

  • 9 DIFFERENT EMERGENCY FLASHING MODES: Each LED Safety flare light has 9 flashing modes for different SOS rescue signals both for marine and road emergency use. They can also be used for recreational activities such as camping and hiking; It is also perfect for road construction, failed vehicle traffic warning, police road mark, surface float and maritime salvage identifier etc.
  • VEHICLE SAFETY: LED Road Flares Emergency Lights, A safety Kit you must have for cars, trucks, boats, vehicles, or motorcycle emergencies. A wonderful gift for parents to give new drivers, or friends and families to put in their vehicles.
  • RECHARGEABLE DESIGN: THIS is why we chose it. You never need to worry about batteries on hand, dead or dying batteries. The MAMMOTH LED FLARE IS RECHARGABLE, a design with 650mah Li-battery inside, also one USB charging cable included. You can charge it at home or in your car. PLEASE NOTE: Indicator light is red when charging, it'll be green when it's full charged. One year warranty.
  • WATERPROOF & CRUSHPROOF: They are made from high-strength PC and ABS plastic that can withstand up to 30 tons of force. Permanent neodymium magnets allow you to easily attach the flares to your vehicle for visibility. A folding hook and flashlight mode enable hands-free use when camping in your tent, working under the hood or as a replacement for standard hazard lights.


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