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Mammoth MAG- The Original Gym Magnet- Magnetic Base Grips to Any Metal Surface in Your Gym to Video Personal Bests, or a Studio for Musicians, Kitchen for Chefs to Record Sessions.


    • -Level up your workouts with Mammoth Mag - the easiest way to record and analyze your gym sessions like a pro!
    • -Struggling to find ways to film your lifts? Forget tricky phone mounts - the Mammoth Mag makes capturing all your reps and sets effortless. Simply attach your phone to its extra-strong magnetic surface and you've got a hands-free camera primed and ready to go.
    • -Record squats, deadlifts, presses - you name it! The Mammoth Mag has the power to securely grip your phone to any metallic gym surface. So whether you're crushing shoulders or going heavy on legs, your phone won't budge an inch.
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